3 Methods for Identifying The Quality of Activated Carbon Filter

With the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of drinking water, the demand for healthy drinking water is also getting higher and higher, and home-use water filter products have gradually become the daily necessities of many ordinary families, and they are increasingly favored by people. The filter cartridge is an important component of the water purifier. The quality of the filter cartridge is closely related to the water purifier.Today we are going to share you how we identify the quality of the activated carbon filter.

China custom activated carbon block filter cartridge | water purifier manufacturer &supplier-HUATAN

China custom activated carbon block water purifier | filter cartridge manufacturer &supplier-HUATAN

China custom activated carbon block water purifier | filter cartridge company & factory-HUATAN

China custom activated carbon block filter cartridge | water purifier company & factory-HUATAN

China activated carbon block | custom water filtration manufacturer & supplier-HUATAN

China activated carbon block filter | custom water purification manufacturer & supplier-HUATAN

1 Weight Comparison

The most remarkable feature of the activated carbon filter is that there are many internal pores which determines its strong adsorption capacity.The more pores and the more complex the structure, the stronger the adsorption capacity and the better the quality of the filter cartridge. However,we can’t identify it by eye when buying. From the perspective of material density, the more internal pores, the lower the density, and the lighter the weight of the same volume of carbon block filter. Therefore, we can identify it by hand. The weight of the good quality activated carbon filter is relatively lighter than that of the poor quality activated carbon filter.

2 Indicator Observation

There are generally three indicators for identifying the quality of activated carbon filter: iodine adsorption value, carbon tetrachloride adsorption value, methylene blue adsorption value. If the higher these three indicators on the filter, the stronger the adsorption capacity they have, and the better the quality of the activated carbon filter is. The three values respectively represent the ability to adsorb organic matter, gas, and discoloration.However, the adsorption performance of the carbon rod filter has a life cycle, and it should be remembered to be replaced on time during use.

3.Combustion Test

Combustion is a commonly used method for identifying the quality of a substance. It is a destructive test and is suitable for the identification of activated carbon blocks. First of all, you can break the filter cartridge a little bit, then take a little bit of activated carbon from the filter, burn it on the fire, and then take it off. If it turns into black ash immediately, it is really activated carbon; if it turns into white ash,it  is ordinary charcoa,cause charcoal is produced when the raw materials are not fully burned, the internal pores are much less than that of activated carbon, and its adsorption capacity is naturally poor.

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