Information about Sintered Activated Carbon Filters That All You Want to Know

In the water treatment industry, words like sintered activated carbon cartridge, compressed activated carbon filter, extruded activated carbon cartridge, CTO carbon cartridge and honeycomb carbon filter are often mentioned or used, but many people do not really understand them.HUATAN FILTERwill introduce you in detail about the difference between these products today.

NSF CTO Activated Carbon Block Carbon Charcoal Water Filter CTO Filter Cartridge
NSF CTO Activated Carbon Block Carbon Charcoal Water Filter CTO Filter Cartridge

Sintered activated carbon filter, compressed activated carbon filter, extruded activated carbon filter are named after their production process characteristics, and CTO carbon filter and net carbon filter are named after the appearance of their final shape. Although their appearance is the same, their internal quality and production technology are greatly different.

Sintered activated carbon block is made by mixing activated carbon powder material and polymer hot-melt pore material, and then pouring it into a special mold and sintering at a high temperature of 200-300 ° C. Because this polymer bonding material can form open micropores in the sintering process, it maintains the characteristics of large specific surface area of activated carbon powder, excellent pore formation, better filtering effect, and more fully with liquid contact after mixing with activated carbon;Due to its complex processing technology, the production capacity of sintered activated carbon filter is also limited.

Compressed activated carbon filter is made by mixing activated carbon powder material with inorganic liquid binder, filling it into a special mold, compressing and molding with a press at high pressure, and drying after exiting the mold;This process has high content of activated carbon and good filtering effect. However, because it is only adhered by using inorganic materials and then high-pressure molding without being sintered at high temperature during production.This makes it difficult to control the pore diameter of the compressed activated carbon filter and the filter cartridge pressure drop becomes large, which affects the performance of the filter cartridge.

Extruded activated carbon filter is produced by mixing activated carbon and common hot-melt resin and putting it into a screw extruder for heating and extrusion molding. In this production process, the appearance of the activated carbon is melted and wrapped by the hot-melt resin after high temperature. The hot-melt resin blocks the pores of the activated carbon, causing the entire filter cartridge to lose its adsorption effect. The production cost of extruded activated carbon block produced by this process is low, but its output is very high. This filter cartridge is just a decoration during use without any filtering or adsorption effect.

CTO carbon filter is the abbreviation of chloride, taste, and odor. Net carbon block filter extruded activated carbon filter , sintered activated carbon filter,and compressed activated carbon filter, in a broad sense, they are rod-shaped forms of activated carbon block, which can be collectively referred to as shaped activated carbon cartridge.

At present, the use of shapedactivated carbon filter cartridges in the water treatment industry is becoming more and more important.

The main reasons are: Firstly, the formed activated carbon filter integrates the functions of adsorption and interception. It not only has the adsorption of activated carbon, but also has dense voids, which can effectively intercept large particles of impurities and effectively reduce the physical pollution of water quality;

Secondly, the pore size of the shaped activated carbon filter cartridge can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the smallest pore size can reach 0.2 micrometers, which is better than the so-called large-flux hollow ultrafiltration membranes on the market.

Thirdly,The black water that flows out of the shaped activated carbon during water treatment is less than the granular activated carbon. After the black powder in the carbon block is washed out for the first time, the black water will not appear in the future, and it will not be caused by the flushing of the water like the granular activated carbon. It will not cause decontamination and secondary pollution when washed by water stream like granular activated carbon.

Finally, the activated carbon powder below 80 mesh has a large specific surface area after processing, so that the performance of activated carbon can be fully exerted.

The sintered activated carbon block is a shaped activated carbon with the above functions. Because many people confuse sintered activated carbon block with extruded activated carbon block, many active carbon block manufacturers have given their sintered activated carbon block products a unique name in order to avoid confusion. For example, HUATAN FILTER called sintered activated carbon as diamond carbon block. The 3M company called this activated carbon filter a black magic activated carbon filter.

Due to its special molding process, sintered activated carbon block technology can be developed into a compound filter cartridge with activated carbon as the main body mixed with a variety of ultra-fine filter powders.

Because the shape of the sintered activated carbon filter is very similar to the shape of the low-end extruded activated carbon filter, we share 2 main methods of identification for you.The first is the hydrophilicity test. The sintered activated carbon block has good hydrophilicity, so you can try to drop a drop of water on the filter cartridge, and the water droplets can immediately penetrate into the carbon filter.The second method is that the water flowing out of the sintered activated carbon filter cartridge when it is first passed is hot, and this phenomenon does not occur when the activated carbon water filter is squeezed.

Sintered activated carbon filter has a relatively low production capacity due to the special sintering process, and it requires a large investment in mold costs and high-quality materials. Its product cost is higher than ordinary carbon filter cartridges, but it has superior product performance. Experienced companies in the water treatment industry understand the benefits of this high-end product. With the constant standardization of the water treatment industry, the inferior carbon filter materials that have been in the market for price competition must be abandoned, and the sintered activated carbon filter cartridge will become an essential accessory for the water purification industry.

What Is Driving The Rapid Development of The Activated Carbon Block Filter Industry?

As a multifunctional and highly effective adsorbent, activated carbon block filters have played a key role in many applications, especially in the fields of environmental protection and purification. It also has many other important uses, such as its ability to filter contaminated drinking water and help purify the air.

CHINA NSF CTO Activated Carbon Block Carbon Charcoal Water Filter CTO Filter Cartridge  supplier-huatan filter

With the increasingly perfect environmental protection regulations and the concept of sustainable development gradually being widely accepted by the international community, activated carbon block filter is a valuable component that will continue to receive more attention.

In fact, a recent research report issued by an international authority estimates that by 2022, the global activated carbon industry market is expected to reach US $ 6.2 billion.

Application fields of activated carbon blocks Filters

Activated carbon block filters are mainly made by the extraction and processing of coal, wood and coconut husk. It has a unique porous physical structure that can adsorb and filter many fine impurities, making it one of the most widely used adsorbents on the market. It can be used in decaffeination, air purifiers (including industrial and consumer applications), water purification (including industrial and consumer applications), soil remediation, pharmaceutical product production, food and beverage production, gold recycling, metal surface treatment .

Market demand drives development of activated carbon block industry

With so many application areas above, it is not difficult to imagine that the global market demand for activated carbon blocks will always continue to rise. But what is driving this dramatic increase in demand? Recent reports from the global activated carbon block market provide some insights. According to reports, the driving factors for the rapid growth of the activated carbon block market include:

Increased demand for drinking water safety

The rapid development of global industrialization has also brought a certain degree of industrial pollution to cities. The wastewater of some factories is discharged directly into the external river without scientific treatment. This directly caused water pollution. As people’s awareness of drinking water safety continues to increase, the government has also begun to increase investment in water purification equipment on infrastructure. As one of the most critical components in water purification equipment, activated carbon blocks play their role with excellent filtering and purification performance.

Recovery of the automotive industry

Global industry analysts predict that the recovery of the automotive industry will also drive demand for activated carbon blocks. Activated carbon canisters are used in vehicles to reduce hydrocarbon emissions and improve engine performance. As demand for more vehicles continues to rise, the use of activated carbon blocks will gradually increase.

Improvement of environmental protection policies

The continuous improvement of environmental protection regulations indicates that people need to increase the use of environmental protection equipment while building cities and developing industries. As one of the essential materials for many environmental protection equipment, activated carbon block is widely used in many fields such as energy purification and water cleaning.

In addition, the global industrial analysis report predicts that more and more countries require that disinfectants used for tap water cleaning and disinfection must strictly control the concentration of drinking water chemicals. This may also be driven by some benign growth in demand for activated carbon. .

As the global environmental recovery and protection consciousness continues to increase, many factors have jointly driven the demand for this versatile filter material. The development of the activated carbon block industry will continue to usher in more new growth points.


What Will Affect The Service Life of Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Water Filter Cartridge?

Generally speaking, the service life of coconut shell activated carbon filter cartridge used in water treatment is 2-3 years, but this is a general calendar value. Its specific operating time is easily affected by many factors such as the quality of raw materials of coconut shell activated carbon water filter. The specific surface area of good-quality coconut shell activated carbon should be 1000m2 / g, and the mechanical strength should be above 90%.  With strong adsorption capacity and fast filtration speed,It is not easy to move due to particle formation, and impurities such as organic matter in water are not easy to block in the coconut shell activated carbon filter layer.

NSF CTO Activated Carbon Block Carbon Charcoal Water Filter CTO Filter Cartridge

What will affect the service life of coconut shell activated carbon water filter cartridge?

  1. Water output.

 Assuming that the daily water output is large, the service life of the coconut shell activated carbon water filter cartridge will be relatively shortened, and each kilogram of coconut shell activated carbon can control 20 tons of water filtration capacity.

2. Water temperature.

The higher the water temperature, the stronger the adsorption capacity of the coconut shell activated carbon cartridge; but when the water temperature is higher than 30 ° C, the adsorption capacity of the coconut shell activated carbon filter will reach its limit, and its adsorption performance will gradually decrease.

3. PH value of water quality.

When the water quality is acidic, the adsorption capacity of the coconut shell activated carbon water filter cartridge for anionic substances is relatively weakened; when the water quality is alkaline, the adsorption capacity of the coconut shell activated carbon water filter for cationic substances is weakened. Therefore, the pH value of the water quality is unstable, which will also affect the adsorption capacity of the coconut shell activated carbon water filter. The adsorption capacity of coconut shell activated carbon cartridge is directly proportional to the contact time with water. The longer the contact time, the better the filtered water quality.

In general, we can use hydrochloric acid to modify the coconut shell activated carbon filter in practice to improve its adsorption performance. Similarly, in the process of using coconut shell activated carbon filter, we can use the chemical properties of the surface of the adsorbent and the adsorbent to find more effective adsorption methods through product experiments to improve our use efficiency and purification efficiency.

The above is our summary of the factors affecting the life of coconut shell activated carbon filter cartridges by Huatan Filter. We hope to help you understand the activated carbon block products. If you want to know more about activated carbon filter or Huatan Filter’s water purification products, you are welcome to bookmark our website or contact us directly via email.


What Is The Difference between A High-quality Water Purifier And A Low-quality Water Filter?

Water is one of the most important substances in the human body. At the same time, water is an irreplaceable substance. The quality of water directly affects people’s health. With the influence of the social environment, people’s health awareness has gradually increased, and more and more people have purchased water purifiers for home use or official use.

china 10 inch CTO Sintered Activated Carbon Block Water Purifier Filter Cartridge

In the context of the hot sales of water filters, how to choose the right water purifier and how to judge the quality of these water purifiers has become a question in the minds of many consumers!

As long as the products are different, of course, water filter also like this. From the appearance, we can’t distinguish the quality of the water filter.and from the perspective of the filtering effect, it is difficult to distinguish the quality of the filtering effect of the water purifier in the short term,.So the cost of purchasing the same type of water purifier is so different. What is the difference between them?

Today we summarize four key points for you to help you instantly inspect the quality of water purifier products and make it easy for you to buy the right product.

1.The structure of water filter products

The problem we most often encounter is leaks in water purifiers.The strict assembly structure of water purifier products is directly related to the interests of water filter manufacturers. A good quality water purifier product not only needs to have a good filter cartridge, the external material needs high-quality materials.

The first is the thickness of the external material of the water purifier. The water filter will be under internal pressure during use. If the shell material is slightly thinner, its shell is liable to burst and explode.In order to prevent the above problems, water purifier manufacturers should pay attention to the use of key materials of the product, such as stainless steel cylinders, RO water filter cartridges and sealing materials.

The second is whether the water filter products have been carefully inspected before shipment. Because the water purifier product inspection requires a lot of labor and time, many water purifier manufacturing companies have omitted the process of testing to save time.his approach will greatly reduce the quality of the product, and there are many potential safety hazards. This approach will greatly reduce the quality of the product, and there are many potential safety hazards.、

2.The Electronic accessories for water purifier products

Electronic components are the core components of water purifiers. Because the water filter is in contact with water for a long time, the quality of electronic components directly affects future use of the water purifier. So this requires water filter manufacturers to do a good job of insulating the electronic components during product production, and set up an independent monitoring system. Once a leak or component damage occurs, the power will be cut off immediately and the machine will stop working.

3. The Origin Source of Water Filter

Most water purifier manufacturers claim that they use imported filter materials, but this is not the case, especially for low-price brands. When consumers choose the brand of water purifier, they must carefully observe the source of the filter material. Consumers should carefully check the label information of filter elements such as activated carbon filters cartridge, ultrafiltration membrane filters, RO membrane filters, etc.

4.The Use function of water purifier

Exaggerated advertising is common in the water purifier industry. Some water purifier manufacturers will create many new concepts in order to increase their product sales, saying their products are almighty. We cannot deny that drinking water filtered by the water purifier for a long time has a regulating effect on the human body. But this does not mean that this water can be used to cure diseases. Consumers need to choose some water purifier brands that have word of mouth.

The above are our suggestions for the selection of water purifier products. We believe that only honest business and high quality can win the trust of consumers. Huatan Filter, as an important brand of Kangrui company, will be one of your best choices. Kangrui Company, as an enterprise with many years of experience in water purifier production in China, has been providing high-quality activated carbon filter and water purifier production services to many water purifier manufacturers in compliance with international certification requirements. If you have any enquiry about the water purifier or activated carbon filter, you are welcome to contact us at any time, we can give you some samples for free.


Views about The Replacement of Water Filter Cartridges

First of all, no matter what kind of filter cartridge is used in the water purifier, most of the filter cartridge has two functions: filtering or adsorption.Common PP cotton filter cartridges and ultrafiltration filter cartridges are representative of filtering type filter cartridges.They rely on their own filtering accuracy to filter and trap pollutants of different sizes. However, the process of these materials retaining pollutants is also a process of their own being gradually polluted. Therefore, after a certain period of time, the filter cartridge will deposit harmful substances such as microorganisms and bacteria, so it must be replaced regularly.

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The filter cartridge represented by activated carbon is a representative of the adsorption type water filter cartridge.These filter materials rely on their strong contact area, which can effectively absorb organic pollutants, residual chlorine and disinfection by-products in water sources.However, they are similar to the filtering type. With the accumulation of these pollutants on the surface of activated carbon, the adsorption efficiency of the adsorption filter cartridge will gradually decrease.What’s more important is that these filter cartridges that adsorb a large amount of pollutants will become a breeding ground for microorganisms.If the activated carbon filter cartridge cannot be replaced for a long time, microorganisms will multiply in the water purifier.They will pollute the entire filtration system over time,and will emit an unpleasant smell during the decomposition process,  which will greatly affect the quality and taste of the effluent of the water purifier.

Huatan Filter,a leading manufacturer with many years of experience in producing high-end carbon block cartridges and water purifiers in China. We believe that even the best brand filter cartridges are used to purify water and adsorb impurities, pollutants and bacteria.If the water filter is used for more than the normal use time, it will definitely breed more bacteria. If you do not replace the filter material according to the normal cycle of the filter cartridge, That’s not as safe as drinking tap water directly!