Notes of Activated Carbon Blocks during Production And Transportation

With the improvement of our living standards, people are paying more and more attention to the health and safety of drinking water. The water purification industry has developed rapidly in China, and has a potential 100 billion market scale and many well-known brands of water purification products. .

As water purifier companies pay more attention to filtration efficiency, the products are developed towards intensification and miniaturization, which also puts forward higher requirements for the development of adsorption filter materials. Under this background, the water purification and filtration technology of activated carbon blocks has made great progress in recent years. Today we will share with you some notes during the production and transportation of activated carbon filters.

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1.Transportation and loading

During transportation, activated carbon filter must not be dragged with iron hooks. It should be prevented from being mixed with hard materials. It must not be strongly vibrated, rubbed, stepped on, or smashed. It is strictly prohibited to be thrown.Storage


Activated carbon blocks should be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent the inner and outer packaging bags from breaking, to prevent moisture and to adsorb other substances in the air, which will affect the use effect. It is strictly forbidden to mix with toxic and harmful gases or volatile substances and store away from pollution sources.

3.Prohibition of water reach

Activated carbon filter cartridge is a porous adsorption substance, so it must be absolutely protected from water during transportation, storage and use.Before the activated carbon filter cartridge is officially used, once it is soaked in water, the water will fill the pores of the activated carbon block, reducing the direct contact between the specific surface of the activated carbon and the gas, and affecting the use performance.

4.Tar-like substances Prevetion

During use, we should prohibit tar-like viscous substances from entering the activated carbon filter, so as not to block the pores of the activated carbon block or cover the surface of the activated carbon, causing the activated carbon block to fail to exert its original performance.

5.Fire prevention

When storing or transporting activated carbon filter, it should be prevented from coming into direct contact with the fire source to prevent fire.

The Working Principle about The Contaminant Filtration of Activated Carbon Block

The main function of activated carbon block filters is that it can absorb excess organic matter,some nitrogenous wastes and pigments in the water! In recent years, the Chinese Ministry of Health has begun to control COD in water when treating water filtration, because excessive organic matter will lower the Oxygen content of the water.

Many clients only know that activated carbon can treat sewage, circulating water, boiler water and purified drinking water, but they do not understand the specific working principle of activated carbon blocks. Today we will analyze the adsorption principle of activated carbon block and the reasons that affect the adsorption capacity of activated carbon filter.

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The Adsorption Principle of The Activated Carbon Filter

The adsorption principle of the activated carbon filter is that the surface of the carbon block has a surface with a balanced density, which can adsorb organic substance impurities into the activated carbon particles. In the early stage of use, it has a strong adsorption effect. However, after a long period of time, the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon filter cartridge will be weakened to a certain extent, and the adsorption effect will also decrease. In turbid water with high levels of organic matter, activated carbon filters will quickly lose their filtration function. Therefore, the activated carbon cartridges should be cleaned or replaced regularly.

4 Reasons That Affect The Adsorption Capacity of Activated Carbon Block

1.The size of activated carbon particles

Generally speaking, the smaller the activated carbon particles, the larger the filtration area. Therefore, the powdered activated carbon has a large total area and good adsorption effect, but the powdered activated carbon is easily flowed into the water because it is not formed, and is rarely used in daily water filtration equipment. Sintered activated carbon blocks are not easy to flow due to particle formation, and impurities such as organic substances in water are not easily blocked in the activated carbon filter, and are easy to carry and replace.

2.The quality of the water

When in acidic water, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon rods for anionic substances is relatively weakened; when in alkaline water, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon rods for cationic substances is weakened.

3. The temperature of the water

The higher the water temperature, the stronger the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon block filter, and the better the effect of removing the pollutants in the water; if the water temperature is above 30 °C, the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon water filter core reaches the limit, and its performance may gradually decrease.

4. Time of contact with water.

The adsorption capacity of the activated carbon filter is proportional to the time of contact with water. The longer the contact time, the better the water quality after filtration.

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8 Tips for The Use of Sintered Activated Carbon Blocks

The sintered activated carbon filter is a filterwhich is prepared by mixing activated carbon powder material and polymer hot-melting pore-forming material, pouring into a special mold, and sintering at a high temperature of 200-300 ° C. It integrates adsorption, filtration, interception and catalysis into one body, which can effectively remove organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in water, and has the effects of decolorization and odor removal. However, there are many points that need special attention when using sintered activated carbon. Today we will share 8 tips for using sintered activated carbon.

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1. The sintered activated carbon block has a large number of micropores and super strong adsorption capacity, and its adsorption performance is second only to the high-precision filter cartridge. The pore diameter of the sintered activated carbon block will gradually become smaller during the process of intercepting and adsorbing impurities, and the pressure drop of the filter cartridge becomes larger, and the flow rate becomes smaller.

2. The filtering effect of the sintered activated carbon block is proportional to the contact time of the filtered material with the activated carbon cartridge. Therefore, the wall thickness of the sintered activated carbon filter determines the effect of filtering the pollutants.

3. The pore size of the sintered activated carbon block filter cartridge should not be too large. Generally, the best pore size is 1-2 microns. Otherwise it will affect the adsorption and filtration effect of activated carbon on contaminant.

4. All activated carbon blocks should be careful to avoid the adhesion of a large amount of large particles (SS solid suspension) to the surface during use, as this will cause anaerobic biological growth, thereby reducing the adsorption effect of the activated carbon filter and producing other odors. Therefore, the precision of pp cotton filter (the pre-filter cartridge of the sintered activated carbon filter) must reach the standard of 1 micron, or the precision of the non-woven fabric wrapped with sintered activated carbon should reach about 1 micron.

5. When the sintered activated carbon filter is used after being placed in the hollow ultrafiltration wet film, we need to pay attention to thoroughly clean the protective liquid of the ultrafiltration membrane when it is used for the first time, and then connect the sintered activated carbon filter.Otherwise, the strong adsorption of the sintered activated carbon will instantaneously adsorb the alcohol and the silicone oil in the protective liquid, causing the filter catridge to be ineffective or even mold. (Other activated carbon filter cartridges should also be noted).

6. Granular activated carbon, alkaline ball, maifanite ball and negative potential ball (hereinafter referred to as “particle state filter element”) are easy to produce powdery substances. If these filter elements are placed in front of sintered activated carbon blcok, the generated dust will easily block the sintering activated carbon filter.Therefore, when using the filter, we recommend you to wash the granular material filter cartridge before use, until there is no black water or floating out and then connected to the sintered activated carbon filter cartridge.

7. If the particle filter cartridge and the sintered activated carbon filter cartridge are separated by an ultrafiltration membrane filter cartridge, it is necessary to ensure that the ultrafiltration membrane filter cartridge is not damaged, and the ultrafiltration membrane should be backwashed frequently to avoid high temperature, Otherwise, the impurities intercepted by the ultrafiltration membrane will be decomposed by the microbial bacteria and produce a rancid smell. These odors are immediately adsorbed by the sintered activated carbon block. After a while, our drinking water will have an odor (it can be washed with a large amount of water).

8. Sintered activated carbon filter has super strong adsorption effect. If it is placed behind the alkaline function filter cartridge, the alkalinity will be weakened.

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