What Is Driving The Rapid Development of The Activated Carbon Block Filter Industry?

As a multifunctional and highly effective adsorbent, activated carbon block filters have played a key role in many applications, especially in the fields of environmental protection and purification. It also has many other important uses, such as its ability to filter contaminated drinking water and help purify the air.

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With the increasingly perfect environmental protection regulations and the concept of sustainable development gradually being widely accepted by the international community, activated carbon block filter is a valuable component that will continue to receive more attention.

In fact, a recent research report issued by an international authority estimates that by 2022, the global activated carbon industry market is expected to reach US $ 6.2 billion.

Application fields of activated carbon blocks Filters

Activated carbon block filters are mainly made by the extraction and processing of coal, wood and coconut husk. It has a unique porous physical structure that can adsorb and filter many fine impurities, making it one of the most widely used adsorbents on the market. It can be used in decaffeination, air purifiers (including industrial and consumer applications), water purification (including industrial and consumer applications), soil remediation, pharmaceutical product production, food and beverage production, gold recycling, metal surface treatment .

Market demand drives development of activated carbon block industry

With so many application areas above, it is not difficult to imagine that the global market demand for activated carbon blocks will always continue to rise. But what is driving this dramatic increase in demand? Recent reports from the global activated carbon block market provide some insights. According to reports, the driving factors for the rapid growth of the activated carbon block market include:

Increased demand for drinking water safety

The rapid development of global industrialization has also brought a certain degree of industrial pollution to cities. The wastewater of some factories is discharged directly into the external river without scientific treatment. This directly caused water pollution. As people’s awareness of drinking water safety continues to increase, the government has also begun to increase investment in water purification equipment on infrastructure. As one of the most critical components in water purification equipment, activated carbon blocks play their role with excellent filtering and purification performance.

Recovery of the automotive industry

Global industry analysts predict that the recovery of the automotive industry will also drive demand for activated carbon blocks. Activated carbon canisters are used in vehicles to reduce hydrocarbon emissions and improve engine performance. As demand for more vehicles continues to rise, the use of activated carbon blocks will gradually increase.

Improvement of environmental protection policies

The continuous improvement of environmental protection regulations indicates that people need to increase the use of environmental protection equipment while building cities and developing industries. As one of the essential materials for many environmental protection equipment, activated carbon block is widely used in many fields such as energy purification and water cleaning.

In addition, the global industrial analysis report predicts that more and more countries require that disinfectants used for tap water cleaning and disinfection must strictly control the concentration of drinking water chemicals. This may also be driven by some benign growth in demand for activated carbon. .

As the global environmental recovery and protection consciousness continues to increase, many factors have jointly driven the demand for this versatile filter material. The development of the activated carbon block industry will continue to usher in more new growth points.


Why Should The Activated Carbon Cartridge in The Water Purifier Be Replaced Regularly?

We all know that the filter cartridge is the core component of all water filters, and the activated carbon filter cartridge is the most commonly used filter element in water purifiers.Because activated carbon can physically adsorb contaminants, it does not cause pollution, has no side effects, and is inexpensive. Therefore, activated carbon is a relatively common filter cartridge material in water purifiers. So can the activated carbon cartridge in the water purifier be used for a long time, and why should it be replaced regularly?


Because activated carbon is usually made of nut shells and trees. For example, activated carbon filter material of HUATAN FILTER is made of coconut shell certified by NSF.These materials are heated at high temperature under the condition of being isolated from the air, and continuously pass water vapor, and finally remove the wood gas and wood tar that are decomposed by heating due to heat. The remaining main component is activated carbon.

The activated carbon is covered with tiny pores inside and out, so its surface area is particularly large. After calculation, the surface area of 1 gram of activated carbon can reach 500-1000 square meters. This makes activated carbon have a strong adsorption ability, people can use it to adsorb harmful substances in water or air to purify water or air.

The activated carbon filter cartridge mainly plays a filtering and adsorption role in the water purifier, but after a certain period of time, the adsorption performance of the activated carbon filter cartridge will saturate and will lose its purification function.And with the increase of the use time, the adsorbed substance and the activated carbon filter itself will also retain some microorganisms and bacteria.

Therefore, the activated carbon filter cartridge placed in the water purifier or the filter tank cannot be used for many years. After a certain period of time, it is best to replace the activated carbon cartridge in the water purifier or the filter tank in time.According to the water pollution situation in different areas, it is best to replace the filter cartridge in 3 to 6 months in the heavily polluted area, and the filter cartridge needs to be replaced in the 6 to 9 months in the slightly polluted area, The longest life of the activated carbon filter cartridge generally does not exceed one year.

What Is The Function of Post Activated Carbon Filter in The Water Purifier?

When we buy a water purifier, the sales will introduce to consumers that this water purifier has a five-stage filtration system that can purify water that is more pure than other water purifiers. What they call a five-stage filtration system includes pp cotton, granular activated carbon filter, activated carbon block filter, reverse osmosis filter membrane, and post activated carbon filter. Today, we will talk about the role of the post activated carbon filter in water filtration equipment.

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The use of post activated carbon filter is the last process in water purifier filtration.Its main role is to purify the water and improve the taste of the water. Generally speaking, the raw material used in the post activated carbon is mainly coconut shell activated carbon. This type of coconut shell activated carbon is mainly made from fine coconut shells and processed through a series of precision processing.The appearance we can see is black and granular. Compared with activated carbon made from other materials, coconut shell activated carbon has the characteristics of stronger adsorption capacity, longer service life and more wear resistance. The  post activated carbon filter system in the water purifier can play a role in deep purification of water, adjust the taste of purified water, and inhibit the regeneration of bacteria in purified water.

When the tap water which is filtered by the front four-stage filter cartridge in the water purifier finally passes the post activated carbon filter cartridge,the pigment and odor in the water would be absorbed more completely.When using a water purifier with a five-stage filter cartridge system, we must pay attention to the usual maintenance and replacement of the filter cartridge. The recommended service life of the post activated carbon is 18 months, so we must pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the filter cartridge.When cleaning the filter cartridge, we must use the correct cleaning method and cleaning agent, otherwise, it will inevitably cause adverse effects on the purified water equipment itself. However, if you want more pure drinking water, it is best to replace the filter element in time.

When we are looking for or buying a water purifier, we always hear or see “activated carbon”. Whether it is an ultrafiltration water purifier, a reverse osmosis water purifier, or a nanofiltration water purifier, the key technologies in these devices may change, but what will never change is the use of activated carbon filters.This shows how important the activated carbon filter cartridge is in the water purifier.

HUATAN FILTER,the most professional carbon block water filter manufacturer and supplier in China. HUATAN manufactures NSF-certified high quality custom and standard carbon blocks. As a professional ODM / OEM manufacturer in China, we can not only produce the most capable carbon block to meet your needs, but also offer you water solutions in the field of industrial water treatment, functional drinking water, beauty care and residential cleaning water.

3 Methods for Identifying The Quality of Activated Carbon Filter

With the continuous improvement of people’s awareness of drinking water, the demand for healthy drinking water is also getting higher and higher, and home-use water filter products have gradually become the daily necessities of many ordinary families, and they are increasingly favored by people. The filter cartridge is an important component of the water purifier. The quality of the filter cartridge is closely related to the water purifier.Today we are going to share you how we identify the quality of the activated carbon filter.

China custom activated carbon block filter cartridge | water purifier manufacturer &supplier-HUATAN

China custom activated carbon block water purifier | filter cartridge manufacturer &supplier-HUATAN

China custom activated carbon block water purifier | filter cartridge company & factory-HUATAN

China custom activated carbon block filter cartridge | water purifier company & factory-HUATAN

China activated carbon block | custom water filtration manufacturer & supplier-HUATAN

China activated carbon block filter | custom water purification manufacturer & supplier-HUATAN

1 Weight Comparison

The most remarkable feature of the activated carbon filter is that there are many internal pores which determines its strong adsorption capacity.The more pores and the more complex the structure, the stronger the adsorption capacity and the better the quality of the filter cartridge. However,we can’t identify it by eye when buying. From the perspective of material density, the more internal pores, the lower the density, and the lighter the weight of the same volume of carbon block filter. Therefore, we can identify it by hand. The weight of the good quality activated carbon filter is relatively lighter than that of the poor quality activated carbon filter.

2 Indicator Observation

There are generally three indicators for identifying the quality of activated carbon filter: iodine adsorption value, carbon tetrachloride adsorption value, methylene blue adsorption value. If the higher these three indicators on the filter, the stronger the adsorption capacity they have, and the better the quality of the activated carbon filter is. The three values respectively represent the ability to adsorb organic matter, gas, and discoloration.However, the adsorption performance of the carbon rod filter has a life cycle, and it should be remembered to be replaced on time during use.

3.Combustion Test

Combustion is a commonly used method for identifying the quality of a substance. It is a destructive test and is suitable for the identification of activated carbon blocks. First of all, you can break the filter cartridge a little bit, then take a little bit of activated carbon from the filter, burn it on the fire, and then take it off. If it turns into black ash immediately, it is really activated carbon; if it turns into white ash,it  is ordinary charcoa,cause charcoal is produced when the raw materials are not fully burned, the internal pores are much less than that of activated carbon, and its adsorption capacity is naturally poor.

HUATAN FILTER is a Chinese brand specializing in the production of high-performance sintered activated carbon. Our products are tested by NSF from raw materials to finished products. If you have a need to purchase activated carbon cartridges in China or look for supplies for carbon block water fillters , please contact us at info@watfilter.com.