Views about The Replacement of Water Filter Cartridges

First of all, no matter what kind of filter cartridge is used in the water purifier, most of the filter cartridge has two functions: filtering or adsorption.Common PP cotton filter cartridges and ultrafiltration filter cartridges are representative of filtering type filter cartridges.They rely on their own filtering accuracy to filter and trap pollutants of different sizes. However, the process of these materials retaining pollutants is also a process of their own being gradually polluted. Therefore, after a certain period of time, the filter cartridge will deposit harmful substances such as microorganisms and bacteria, so it must be replaced regularly.

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The filter cartridge represented by activated carbon is a representative of the adsorption type water filter cartridge.These filter materials rely on their strong contact area, which can effectively absorb organic pollutants, residual chlorine and disinfection by-products in water sources.However, they are similar to the filtering type. With the accumulation of these pollutants on the surface of activated carbon, the adsorption efficiency of the adsorption filter cartridge will gradually decrease.What’s more important is that these filter cartridges that adsorb a large amount of pollutants will become a breeding ground for microorganisms.If the activated carbon filter cartridge cannot be replaced for a long time, microorganisms will multiply in the water purifier.They will pollute the entire filtration system over time,and will emit an unpleasant smell during the decomposition process,  which will greatly affect the quality and taste of the effluent of the water purifier.

Huatan Filter,a leading manufacturer with many years of experience in producing high-end carbon block cartridges and water purifiers in China. We believe that even the best brand filter cartridges are used to purify water and adsorb impurities, pollutants and bacteria.If the water filter is used for more than the normal use time, it will definitely breed more bacteria. If you do not replace the filter material according to the normal cycle of the filter cartridge, That’s not as safe as drinking tap water directly!


How Much You Know about Activated Carbon Cartridges in Water Filters

Today we want to share with you about the functions of several activated carbon cartridges in water filters. No matter what type of water purifier you are using, the activated carbon filter cartridge in it will have different performance effects depending on the their different type.

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1.Performance effect of PP fiber filter cartridge

The PP fiber filter cartridge can pre-treat the tap water entering the water purifier, and filter out the sediment, suspended solids, colloids, impurities, etc. in the water. It has the characteristics of large filtering area and large amount of dirt, good filtering effect and long service life .

2.Performance effect of granular activated carbon filter cartridge

The activated carbon filter cartridge made of high-quality coconut shell activated carbon can effectively absorb harmful substances such as pigments, odors, residual chlorine, halogenated hydrocarbons and organic substances in the water.

3.Performance effect of compressed activated carbon filter cartridge

The compressed activated carbon filter cartridge can also deeply absorb harmful substances such as pigments, odors, halogenated hydrocarbons and organic substances in the water, which can effectively improve the mouthfeel of water. The long-lived compressed activated carbon block and the mesh structure with high dirt holding capacity make the water filter cartridge have dual-function filtering performance.

Tips: Activated carbon filter plays a big role in water purifiers, we should not ignore it! So please remember to choose a reliable filter brand when you buy or replace water filters or activated carbon cartridges. Here,HUATAN FILTER would be One of your best choices.

The Service Life of Residential Water Filter Cartridge You Must Know

With the improvement of people’s living standards and health and environmental protection, residential water filters have become very high-use household appliances. However, the filter cartridge of the water purifier needs to be replaced regularly so as to fully ensure a good purification effect.

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1. How long is the service life of the water filter cartridge?

At present, most water purifier manufacturers will set a service life for the water filter cartridge. For example, the service life of the ultrafiltration membrane filter cartridge is generally 24-36 months; the service life of the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane cartridge is generally In about 18 months, the service life of the adsorbent filter cartridge such as activated carbon filter cartridge is generally about half a year to about one year. The filter cartridge that does not discharge sewage, such as pp cotton, can only be used for about 3 months. Most of these service life is determined by the water filter manufacturer based on the actual water output of the water purifier. This method is also the result of testing in the urban tap water environment; of course, these theories do not represent the service life of the water filter cartridge in the actual daily life. The actual service life of the filter cartridge has a great relationship with the maintenance.

2.When does the water filter cartridge need to be replaced?

A.Ultra-filter and RO membrane : When the water output of the water purifier is greatly reduced, it is much smaller than the original water flow or does not return to the original water output after washing, which can not meet your water demand. At this time, you need to replace the filter cartridge.

B.compound activated carbon filter: When you feel that the taste of purified water is poor and unacceptable, you need to replace the carbon block filter cartridge. In addition, regardless of the frequency of use, if the filter cartridge is installed or replaced for more than one year, it must be replaced.

C.PP cotton filter: the cartridge is usually replaced once every three months. You can judge whether to replace it by observing the color change of PP cotton filter. The use time of PP cotton filter cartridge can not exceed six months.

In fact, the water filter determines the health of the drinking water in the home. If the filter cartridge is not replaced for a long time, it may cause “secondary pollution” to the filtered water. Therefore, the water purifier must maintain and replace the filter cartridge in daily use. We only pay attention to the maintenance of water purifiers,and replace the filter cartridge in time according to the water quality, product condition and water consumption to ensure that the water quality of the purified water meets the qualified drinking standard, and  achieve the best performance of the water filter.

Of course, if the water output of the filter is small, it generally does not mean that the quality of the filter cartridge is not good. The main reason may be low water pressure or poor raw water quality, which causes the filter element to clog. If you have any problems with the daily use of the carbon block water filter manufactured by HUATAN, please feel free to contact us.