The Best Carbon Filters Used in Domestic And Industrial Water Treatment

In our daily lives, our household water is water after purification and water treatment by the running-water company.Water supply companies often use sintered activated carbon block filters to purify tap water, which guarantees the purity of the tap water used in our daily lives. In theory, the sintered activated carbon block filter can play the role of water treatment mainly because it has a more efficient pore structure than other types of activated carbon block, and the porous structure inside the activated carbon determines the filtration performance of carbon block. When the water flows through the activated carbon block, the irregularly arranged pore inner structure of the activated carbon can not only increase the resistance of the water flow, but also leave a certain volume, which can adsorb contaminants and impurity particles in the water.


Sintered activated carbon block filter is known as the best carbon filter for domestic water and industrial water treatment. Although the sintered activated carbon block is similar in internal structure to other types of activated carbon, it is most widely used in various water filtration industries because it has a better effect of purifying water quality. In the process of water treatment, the larger the surface area of the particles provided by activated carbon block, that is, the more the number of void structures inside the activated carbon, the more powerful the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon rod filter for the suspension and impurities in the water .

We all know that in the process of industrial production, a large amount of water resources will inevitably be used, but some chemical or manufacturing manufacturers may use various chemical reagents and pigments in their production process. Therefore, most industrial wastewater discharged from factories contains a large amount of pollutants. If these industrial wastewaters that have not been purified by activated carbon filters are directly discharged into the environment, it may not only damage the local ecological balance, but also pollute the groundwater, thus affecting the health problems of nearby residents.

Here we would like to sincerely appeal to everyone to protect our green environment and our water resources. At the same time, we also hope that everyone can drink safe and reliable water. HUATAN FILTER, as a professional manufacturer of activated carbon block filters in China, no matter where you are from, what kind of water purification problems you have, we are willing to do our best to help you.

Which Type of Carbon Block Water Filter Is The Best?

At present, the use of activated carbon block water filters in the water treatment industry is receiving more and more attention. The main reasons are:

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First,the activated carbon water filter not only has the high adsorption performance of activated carbon but also has dense voids which can effectively intercept the impurities of large particles and effectively reduce the physical pollution of water quality;

Second, the pore size of the activated carbon water purifier can be customized and adjusted to a minimum of 0.2 microns, which is better than those of the large-volume hollow ultrafiltration membrane on the market;

Third, the black water flowing out of the activated carbon cartridge is less than the granular activated carbon, and will not desorb due to the scouring of the water flow as the granular activated carbon, and form a secondary pollution to the water quality;

Finally, activated carbon water filter is processed from activated carbon powder of less than 80 mesh, and has a very large specific surface area, which can fully exert the performance of activated carbon.

We know that activated carbon filters can be divided into sintered activated carbon filters, compressed activated carbon filters, and extruded activated carbon filters from the different manufacturing processes, In terms of product performance, sintered activated carbon block should be the best of the three carbon block water filters. Since everyone confuses easily sintered activated carbon with extruded activated carbon, many Chinese activated carbon filter manufacturers call it a BLACK MAGIC activated carbon filter to avoid confusion.

The manufacture of sintered activated carbon cartridges requires manufacturers of water filters to have a special molding process. By mixing activated carbon with a variety of different ultrafine filter powders, sintered activated carbon filters can be developed into compound water filter cartridges with different properties. Their varieties include: special filter cartridges that can absorb pigments, remove odors and organic substances, and soften water; special metal removal filter cartridges that can remove heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, manganese, and arsenic in water;and fluorine removal filters for high-fluorine water areas. mineralized filter element for the addition of trace elements and minerals to well water and soft water; bacteriostatic filter element for inhibiting bacterial growth and adding bacteriostatic materials.

These compound carbon filters are custom made to the customer’s needs and formulations. HUATAN is one of the industry experts in the production of these high-performance activated carbon block water purifiers, which can provide customized services and OEM services for one-stop activated carbon block production for customers all over the world. If you have any questions or concerns regarding activated carbon filter cartridge, please feel free to contact us at

3 Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges in Different Manufacturing Processes

In the water treatment industry, these terms such as sintered activated carbon, compressed activated carbon, extruded activated carbon, CTO are often mentioned or used, but many people do not really understand the difference between them. Sintered activated carbon filter cartridges, compressed activated carbon filter cartridges, and extruded activated carbon filter cartridges are named after their production process characteristics. CTOs are words that are known for their final shape. Although they have the same shape, the internal quality and production process are very different.

China custom activated carbon block water purifier | filter cartridge company & factory-HUATAN

Sintered Activated Carbon Block Filter

The sintered activated carbon filter cartridge is made by mixing activated carbon powder material and polymer hot-melting pore-forming material, pouring into a special mold and sintering at a high temperature of 200-300 ° C; since the bonding material itself has pore-forming property, after being mixed with activated carbon, It maintains the characteristics of large specific surface area of activated carbon powder, and has excellent pore-forming properties and better filtration effect, which can more fully contact with liquid; however, the production capacity of sintered activated carbon filter is limited due to its complicated processing technology.

Compressed Activated Carbon Block Filter

The compressed activated carbon filter cartridge is mixed with activated carbon powder material and inorganic liquid binder, poured into a special mold, and is compressed by high pressure compression molding, and dried after being discharged from the mold; the activated carbon filter  produced by this method  has a relatively high carbon content and very good filtering effect. Since the pore size of the filter cartridge is mainly controlled by the particle size of the activated carbon, and the binder material of the compressed activated carbon filter cannot be pore-forming during the manufacturing process, the property of the filter cartridge is inferior to that of the sintered activated carbon.

 Extruded Activated Carbon Block Filter 

 The extruded activated carbon filter cartridge is mixed with activated carbon and ordinary hot melt resin, and then placed in a screw extruder for heating and extrusion molding. In this production process, the surface of the activated carbon is melted by the hot melt resin at a high temperature, which causes the plugging of some activated carbon micropores and affects its adsorption performance.However, extruded carbon filter cartridges have low production costs and can achieve high yields. The performance of the extruded activated carbon filter in use is relatively much worse than the previous two carbon block filters.

HUATAN is a Chinese company specializing in the production of high performance sintered activated carbon filter and compressed activated carbon filter. We can provide one-stop carbon block and water purifier customization services and OEM services according to customers’ needs. If you have any questions about carbon filters, please feel free to contact us via