What Is The Difference between A High-quality Water Purifier And A Low-quality Water Filter?

Water is one of the most important substances in the human body. At the same time, water is an irreplaceable substance. The quality of water directly affects people’s health. With the influence of the social environment, people’s health awareness has gradually increased, and more and more people have purchased water purifiers for home use or official use.

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In the context of the hot sales of water filters, how to choose the right water purifier and how to judge the quality of these water purifiers has become a question in the minds of many consumers!

As long as the products are different, of course, water filter also like this. From the appearance, we can’t distinguish the quality of the water filter.and from the perspective of the filtering effect, it is difficult to distinguish the quality of the filtering effect of the water purifier in the short term,.So the cost of purchasing the same type of water purifier is so different. What is the difference between them?

Today we summarize four key points for you to help you instantly inspect the quality of water purifier products and make it easy for you to buy the right product.

1.The structure of water filter products

The problem we most often encounter is leaks in water purifiers.The strict assembly structure of water purifier products is directly related to the interests of water filter manufacturers. A good quality water purifier product not only needs to have a good filter cartridge, the external material needs high-quality materials.

The first is the thickness of the external material of the water purifier. The water filter will be under internal pressure during use. If the shell material is slightly thinner, its shell is liable to burst and explode.In order to prevent the above problems, water purifier manufacturers should pay attention to the use of key materials of the product, such as stainless steel cylinders, RO water filter cartridges and sealing materials.

The second is whether the water filter products have been carefully inspected before shipment. Because the water purifier product inspection requires a lot of labor and time, many water purifier manufacturing companies have omitted the process of testing to save time.his approach will greatly reduce the quality of the product, and there are many potential safety hazards. This approach will greatly reduce the quality of the product, and there are many potential safety hazards.、

2.The Electronic accessories for water purifier products

Electronic components are the core components of water purifiers. Because the water filter is in contact with water for a long time, the quality of electronic components directly affects future use of the water purifier. So this requires water filter manufacturers to do a good job of insulating the electronic components during product production, and set up an independent monitoring system. Once a leak or component damage occurs, the power will be cut off immediately and the machine will stop working.

3. The Origin Source of Water Filter

Most water purifier manufacturers claim that they use imported filter materials, but this is not the case, especially for low-price brands. When consumers choose the brand of water purifier, they must carefully observe the source of the filter material. Consumers should carefully check the label information of filter elements such as activated carbon filters cartridge, ultrafiltration membrane filters, RO membrane filters, etc.

4.The Use function of water purifier

Exaggerated advertising is common in the water purifier industry. Some water purifier manufacturers will create many new concepts in order to increase their product sales, saying their products are almighty. We cannot deny that drinking water filtered by the water purifier for a long time has a regulating effect on the human body. But this does not mean that this water can be used to cure diseases. Consumers need to choose some water purifier brands that have word of mouth.

The above are our suggestions for the selection of water purifier products. We believe that only honest business and high quality can win the trust of consumers. Huatan Filter, as an important brand of Kangrui company, will be one of your best choices. Kangrui Company, as an enterprise with many years of experience in water purifier production in China, has been providing high-quality activated carbon filter and water purifier production services to many water purifier manufacturers in compliance with international certification requirements. If you have any enquiry about the water purifier or activated carbon filter, you are welcome to contact us at any time, we can give you some samples for free.


Which Parts of Special Consumer Needs Water Filter Most?

In recent years, many countries in the world have ignored the importance of environmental protection while developing the industrial economy which has led to the deterioration of water pollution in most major rivers. The most worrying thing is that the deterioration of water quality threatens people’s lives.


Probably for most strong young people, drinking a little water with impurities will not have much impact on their health. But for the elderly, pregnant women and high-risk disease groups, dirty water may cause harm to their bodies and may cause malignant diseases.

The best way to solve the problem of water pollution is to install a water filter with carbon cartridge, because this is the most direct and effective way to improve the quality of drinking water in the home. Because the carbon block water filter can effectively remove bacteria, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, spore cysts and other harmful substances in the water, it can meet the basic needs of these special groups. Speaking of which, you may be wondering why the quality of drinking water for the elderly, pregnant women and others needs special attention.

1) Elderly group: water with impurities will increase their probability of developing stones and increase blood thickening

With the increase of age, the functions of various organs of the elderly are continuously aging, which also increases their risk of various diseases. Because the metabolism of the elderly is not as good as that of the young, their immunity is also at a low level.At this time, if they drink water with scale, impurities or bacteria, it will increase their probability of developing stones and increase blood thickness, leading to high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and diabetes.

In addition, for the elderly, the water purification performance of the water filter is really important, but the more important thing is the safe use of the water  water filter and the manufacturer’s after-sales service. The filter cartridge of the water purifier needs to be replaced after a period of use. Today, most brands of water purifiers use the filter replacement reminder and water quality monitoring function to remind them, but this is prone to three problems for the elderly:The first is that most of these intelligent  water filters remind people to change the filter cartridge in advance, but the elderly are relatively more economical, and they are not willing to spend money to replace the filter cartridge.The second is that most of the elderly have poor eyesight, and may not see the information on the screen;The third is that due to the influence of some physical conditions, some elderly people are unable to bend down or disassemble the water filter cartridge replacement.

2) Pregnant women: water containing heavy metals or pollutants can easily affect the healthy growth of the fetus

Before being pregnant, many girls may live casually and pay little attention to the quality of water, but once they are promoted to expectant mothers, they will start to pay attention to various details of life.As pregnant women have high requirements for food quality and nutrition, they need pure water for daily drinking and cooking. The amniotic fluid of a pregnant woman is the carrier on which the fetus depends. During the check-up process, the quality of the amniotic fluid is also an important indicator for the physician to evaluate the health of the fetus. Therefore, the amniotic fluid is a crucial existence for the fetus. So the safety of water quality is a top priority for pregnant women. Don’t take it lightly. The demand of this group for the use of carbon block water filter is very large and very important.

3) High-risk disease population: unsaft drinking water may cause them to lose their lives

For people who are already at high risk of a certain disease, they already have some kind of dysfunction or risk.Therefore, they need to use carbon block water filters to filter impurities and viruses and bacteria in the water to prevent harmful water quality from further harming their health and increasing the risk of disease.

In summary, as a water filter brand responsible for the health of consumers, we always think and develop our water purifier products from the perspective of consumers or demand groups. In this way, our company can have continuous development opportunities. If you have any questions about the use of water purifiers and drinking water safety, please feel free to contact us via email. HUATAN FILTER will always be by your side.