FAQs on Demand

Get access to clean and healthy water with HUATAN’s advanced water filtration products. We provide you with the most comprehensive water filtration solutions to ensure that you get the safest drinking water for your home or business.

Know more About Our Process

1.Could you please provide details on how to obtain filter samples?

For any new customers, we are offering complimentary samples, provided they are willing to cover the air freight charges.

For repeat customers, we are able to give away low-cost filters without charge. On the other hand, more expensive filter samples would require payment prior to being shipped via a reliable courier service such as DHL, Fedex or UPS. Experience the quality firsthand! Request your complimentary sample of our water filtration products today

2.Would it be possible for us to receive your filter catalog and price list?

Absolutely, we can provide you with a catalog and price list once we receive your inquiry regarding the type, specifications, quantity and other details of the cartridges & filters. Get a tailored quote for your cartridge and filter needs. Request your catalog and price list now! 

3.May I know the minimum order quantity you require?

For standard filter cartridges, there is no Minimum Order Quantity if they are to be shipped by air. 

For special requirements, the MOQ may vary depending on the cost and particular circumstances. Have special filter cartridge requirements? We’ll provide a tailored minimum order quantity based on your specifications.

4.Are you open to custom orders for filtration products in the form of OEM/ODM?

In addition to HUATAN brand filters, we offer OEM/ODM services for filter-related businesses. This includes custom labeling, sticking labels onto filters and creating custom cartons with the client’s logo printed on them. If you make a bulk order, We are able to provide you with advantageous options for designing labels,cartons, and so on. Looking for filters or a complete branding solution? HUATAN has you covered! 

5.How can you ensure the quality of the end result?

We suggest that our customers take a pre-production sample before initiating mass production. This will guarantee that the end product adheres to their quality standards and removes any glitches in the manufacturing process. 

Whatsmore, we make sure to inspect the quality of all our products before delivery and guarantee that their requirements are met accordingly. Ready for worry-free production? Contact us to learn more about pre-production samples and our quality guarantee.

6.Could you provide us with the most economical price for filters?

It is undoubtedly true that one gets what they pay for. HUATAN provides excellent filtration products at cost-effective price points. We do not offer filters of inferior quality at bargain basement prices, nor do we discuss prices for long periods of time without first evaluating a sample. 

Our cartridge filters are of superior quality with abundant material and a high flow rate accompanied by lower pressure drop. We ensure reliable quality control and lay significant emphasis on long-term cooperative partnerships with our customers to ensure their successful development in the future. Ready for reliable filtration and a trusted partner? Get started with HUATAN – request a sample or ask for a consultation today!

7.Which type of delivery service shall we utilize?

Goods may be delivered to your warehouse, an airport or a seaport via courier service or shipped via ocean.

By courier, the samples or goods can be delivered to your door in 3-5 days after the order has been placed.

By air, the goods will be shipped to your airport and can be expected within 7-10 days of being dispatched.

By ocean, the estimated delivery time may range from 15 to 35 days, depending on the delivery route. Additionally, we can deliver the goods directly to your desired location, with either DDU or DDP terms applied. 

Fast and convenient filtration solutions! HUATAN offers expedited courier service and delivers directly to your desired location. Get started now!

8.What payment methods do you accept?

For regular orders of large quantities, 30% should be paid as a down payment, followed by the remaining 70% due before shipment.

For special filter orders, 30% must be paid in advance and the remainder before delivery. for small quantity or sample order, we require full payment in advance. Ready to place your order? We offer a variety of payment plans to fit your needs. Contact us to learn more!

9.Is it possible for us to become the exclusive brand agent of HUATAN in our country?

If we do not have any exclusive brand agents or branch offices located in your market, we would be delighted to accept your offer of becoming our agent.

Or if you order a substantial quantity every month and remain compliant, we back our brand partners in their districts, guarantee quality products, ensure a reliable supply chain and the like. We look forward to a bright future together with our partners! Enjoy the benefits of a long-term partnership! Order high volumes consistently and receive dedicated support, quality assurance, and a reliable supply chain. Let’s grow together!

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