HUATAN provides products that comply with the highest standards in water filtration technology. We adhere to business fundamentals and keep up with a strict sense of product quality,on-time delivery, and professional service.


high-performance Water Filtration Manufacturing Company

HUATAN is a high-performance carbon block and water filter manufacturer with an efficient standard automated production workshop and a modern laboratory in China. Through the establishment of the ISO9001 quality system and the implementation of strict quality control processes, we can fully control the entire process from research, design, prototype, material incoming, test production, mass production, packaging, and delivery thus ensuring the safety and performance of each product.

The Innovations of Green Technology Make Us Different

Adhering to the international vision and innovative concept, HUATAN has in-depth research on the preparation process of sintered activated carbon block and obtained a number of national invention patents after more than 10 years of research and development. These technologies not only help us manufacture products with high carbon content, low binder, low-pressure drop, and high strength but also greatly increase our production capacity for the mass production of high-performance sintered activated carbon block filters.


Our Certification Covering Each Aspects of Our Quality

From the use of materials to the quality control of the production process and the workshop, we have obtained the most completeintellectual property and qualification certificates issued by the Chinese government authorities and international authoritative certification bodies.

huatan FILTERATION factory

The Excellent Parent Company behind Our Specialty

KANGRUI, the parent company behind HUATAN . We are proud to be one of the members of Kangrui Corporation. As a professional manufacturer with more than 15 years of manufacturing experience in the activated carbon block and filter cartridge industry, Kangrui has become a very well-known expert brand. With professional technology and good service, it is now a major supplier of activated carbon and filter products in China to many famous water purifier brands in the world. HUATAN FILTER’s excellent genes are only derived from it.

Six Reasons For People Choosing HUATAN

Authorized Certification

HUATAN FILTER is a leading NSF certified manufacturer and supplier of high quality carbon blocks and water filters in China. All our products are made of 100% coconut shell activated carbon and FDA compliant binding materials. We provide a wide range of activated carbon with a primary focus on innovation and quality assurance.

Excellent Performance

The carbon block filter made of high quality coconut shell can effectively remove free chlorine, taste, odor and organic chemicals in the water. It combines the ability to reduce chemical contaminants with great dirt-holding capacity to ensure safe, quality tasting water.

Professional Team

We have advanced research equipment and a great technical team, as well as a large base of activated carbon production and research and development in China.We have in-depth research on the manufacturing process of sintered activated carbon block and obtained many national patent technology achievements.

Highest Quality

We carry out strict quality control procedures at every stage of production, including materials incoming, processing and pre-packaging inspections as well as product testing. We ensure that the products we are offering are of the highest quality and that every product before shipment is 100% tested.

Customized Products

With rich experience and reasonable formulation, we can provide high quality water filtration products, timely delivery, best technology innovation and customized services that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations .We can customize carbon blocks with different micron rating, dimension, reduction function, capacity, and even PH value.

Competitive Price

We are one of the best OEM supplier of active carbon block filter in China. We offer more high performance carbon filters to more OEMs  around the world. And the carbon filters we manufactured provides outstanding performance at a competitive price.We also provide cost-effective solutions for each of your needs and ultimately increase your profits.

The Win-win Solution Helps Us to Walk Further Together

With the help of our advanced water filtration technology and experienced team of experts, we are able to offer our clients the most suitable filtration solutions and high performance carbon block filters and high flow water filter cartridges in a wide range of specifications at the most competitive cost. With the export of our filter cartridge products to all over the world, we have established very close cooperation with many internationally renowned activated carbon brands and become the most reliable partner of their OEM suppliers in China.

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