Crafted for superior sediment removal, ensuring your water is clear and clean. Upgrade your filtration experience with Huatan’s precision-engineered solutions.

2.5"*10"Melt-Blown Polypropylene Sediment Filter Cartridge

Engineered for exceptional sediment removal, this cartridge ensures a clear and pure water supply. Trust in Huatan’s commitment to precision and reliability, providing you with a superior filtration solution for consistently clean and refreshing water.

4.5"*10"/20" Big Blue PP Cotton Sediment Water Filter

Designed for superior sediment removal, this filter cartridge is crafted with precision using high-quality polypropylene cotton. Efficiently capturing and eliminating particles, suspended matter, and impurities, it ensures your water is clear and clean. Trusted for durability and performance, Huatan’s PP Cotton Sediment Water Filter is the ideal choice for maintaining the purity of your water supply, whether in residential or industrial settings.

Non-Standard Customization

Huatan Filtration takes pride in our ability to go beyond the standard. We offer non-standard customization options to meet the most unique filtration challenges. Whether it’s an unconventional shape, specific pore size, or distinct application, our team is ready to transform your requirements into reality.