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Lead Removal Carbon Filter Cartridge

The Consequences of Lead

Lead, a persistent water contaminant, poses severe health risks when left untreated. From developmental issues in children to cardiovascular concerns in adults, the consequences are far-reaching. Don’t compromise on the safety of your water source; take proactive measures with our specialized Lead Removal Carbon Filter Cartridge.


Ideal for residential settings where lead contamination is a concern.
Essential for commercial applications to meet stringent water quality standards.

Lead Removal Carbon block Filter Cartridge​

Key Advantages

High Lead Removal Efficiency​: Our cartridge boasts a superior lead removal rate, exceeding industry standards.
Long-Lasting Performance: With a durable design, our cartridge provides sustained lead protection, ensuring the longevity of your water system.

Key Advantages

Advanced Antibacterial Technology​: Our cartridge integrates cutting-edge antibacterial technology for heightened protection.
Ensures Safe and Clean Water: With a focus on water safety, our cartridge guarantees the removal of bacteria, leaving your water pure and secure.

Anti-bacterial Carbon Filter Cartridge

The Consequences of Bacterial Contamination

Untreated water sources are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, jeopardizing both personal health and the integrity of consumables. From waterborne illnesses to compromised food safety, the consequences are too significant to ignore. Safeguard your water and the well-being of those you care about with our specialized Anti-bacterial Carbon Filter Cartridge.


Suited for residential drinking water, ensuring a safe and refreshing experience.
Essential for the food industry, maintaining uncompromised hygiene standards in production.

Anti-Scale Carbon Filter Cartridge

The Consequences of Scale Buildup

Scale deposits, often resulting from hard water, can wreak havoc on pipes, appliances, and fixtures. The consequences include reduced water flow, increased energy consumption, and the premature deterioration of equipment. Don’t let scale compromise the efficiency and longevity of your water systems—choose our specialized Anti-Scale Carbon Filter Cartridge.


Tailored for residential water systems, safeguarding plumbing and appliances from scale damage.
Essential for industrial water systems, preventing scale-related issues in manufacturing and processing.

Anti-Scale Carbon block Filter Cartridge​

Key Advantages

Scale Prevention for Appliances: Experience reduced scale buildup in water-using appliances, enhancing their efficiency and lifespan.
Prolongs Equipment Lifespan: Our cartridge contributes to the longevity of your water systems, protecting your investment.

Key Advantages

Enhanced Fluoride Reduction: Our cartridge boasts superior fluoride removal capabilities, surpassing industry standards.

Safe for Consumption: Enjoy water that is not only purified but also free from the harmful effects of excessive fluoride.

De-Fluoridation Carbon Filter Cartridge

The Consequences of High Fluoride

Exposure to elevated fluoride levels in drinking water can lead to dental and skeletal fluorosis, impacting both children and adults. From dental discoloration to weakened bones, the consequences are concerning. Don’t compromise your health—choose our specialized De-Fluoridation Carbon Filter Cartridge.


Recommended for residential use in areas with high fluoride levels, promoting optimal health.
Suited for commercial applications where fluoride-free water is crucial for various processes.

De-Chlorination Carbon Filter Cartridge

The Consequences of Chlorine Presence

Chlorine, a common water disinfectant, can impart an unpleasant taste and odor to your water. Beyond that, prolonged exposure in showers can lead to dry skin and hair. Don’t let the presence of chlorine detract from your water experience—opt for our specialized De-Chlorination Carbon Filter Cartridge.


Ideal for residential use, ensuring chlorine-free water for drinking and cooking.
Suited for spas and wellness centers, providing a luxurious and revitalizing shower experience.

De-Fluoridation Carbon Filter Cartridge manufacturer in china-huatan

Key Advantages

Chlorine-Free Water for Better Taste: Enjoy water that is not only purified but also free from the taste and odor of chlorine.

Protects Skin and Hair During Showers: Transform your shower experience by eliminating chlorine, preventing dryness and irritation.

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