What Are The Benefits of Activated Carbon Block Filter Made From Coconut Shell?

Coconut shell is one of the latest and most promising material choices for activated carbon block filter manufacturers in recent years. Because the coconut shell activated carbon block has a larger surface area and a more general porosity, its micropore density is much higher than that of other materials. Coconut shell activated carbon has 50% more micropores compared to bituminous coal. This also means that the coconut shell activated carbon filter can better adsorb and filter volatile organic chemicals in the water.

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In addition, it is easier for manufacturers to make coconut shell activated carbon. The use of coal and wood to make activated carbon produces large amounts of dust and fine carbon particles, which are rarely produced with coconut shells. At the same time, the use of coconut shell does not cause any damage to the tree, because coconut shell is a natural raw material that can be continuously regenerated throughout the year, and it will regenerate as the coconut grows. Therefore, coconut shell is recognized as the best green activated carbon block raw material.

the benefits of coconut shell activated carbon filter

1. Coconut shell activated carbon is sustainable

Coconuts grow in tropical climates and can survive for many years. This allows them to continuously produce carbon, and they are growing all year round. Coconut can be picked three to four times a year, thus ensuring a stable source of coconut shell activated carbon filter.

2. Coconut shell is a green source of high quality activated carbon

We can think of coconut trees as naturally stored carbon. They absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store carbon, which produces oxygen during the process. By cultivating coconut trees and continually burning their coconut shells into carbon blocks, these carbon blocks do not produce too much dust and other contaminating particles during the manufacturing process due to their fixed form.

3. Coconut shell activated carbon block has high porosity and high density of micropores, which can best filter pollutants

Another benefit of the microporosity of coconut shell carbon is its high mechanical strength and excellent hardness and wear resistance. Thanks to these advantages, the most significant benefit of using a coconut shell activated carbon filter is that it can filter cleaner water than other activated carbon materials.

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