Can We Drink Directly After Installing A Household Water Filter?

With the continuous improvement of people’s health awareness, more and more families choose to buy water purifiers. Although many sellers in the market are advertising that their whole house water filter products can be used directly for drinking water, is it really the case? So, what is the standard of direct drinking water? What is the water purification method of the water filter?


Compared with tap water, government health departments in many countries have higher requirements for direct drinking water. In the standard of tap water, it is mainly required that there are no pathogens in the water, such as containing no substances that may cause cancer and gene mutation, and have good sensory characteristics. In China, the standard of direct drinking water published by the Chinese government’s Ministry of Health is more stringent, which is mainly manifested in more beneficial to human health. In detail, on the basis of tap water, it requires that the water must first contain minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. Secondly, there are certain requirements for the solubility of oxygen and carbon dioxide in water and the pH of water. Finally, it also requires water should have physiological activities including osmotic power, dissolving power, and metabolic power.

Common home-use water purifiers in the current international market often use the following methods to purify water. 

First, it uses micro filtration membranes or other filtering equipment to physically filter out some dust and pollutants caused by aging of pipes or water tanks through physical methods. 

Secondly, the activated carbon block filter cartridge in the water purifier can adsorb chlorine in the water, as well as pollution of color and odor caused by some chemical pollutants and these organic substances. 

Finally, people often use equipment such as ultrafiltration membranes or ultraviolet rays to remove or inactivate microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and spores in the water that have adverse effects on human health.

Whether the water from the household water filter can be directly drunk depends on the method of water purification. Some home use water purifier products use the method of ultrafiltration, which uses the fluidity of water to physically purify water. 

After passing water through the filter membrane, polluting substances can be filtered. Although this water purifier has a relatively low price and a small amount of wastewater, the purified water cannot meet the standard of direct drinking water, so it cannot be directly drunk.

Another type of water purifier uses a reverse osmosis filtration method. Compared with an ultrafiltration water purifier, its filter membrane is similar to a semi-permeable membrane, which can selectively filter small molecular impurities and microorganisms in water. Although it will cause more wastewater, its purified water meets the standard of direct drinking water and can be directly drunk.

In summary, the water produced by home-use water purifiers does not necessarily meet the standard of direct drinking water. It needs to make scientific judgments based on the standard of direct drinking water and the method of water purification.

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