6 Truths About The Home Use Water Filter You Never Know

With the improvement of our living standards, more and more people have paid more attention to the quality of life, and their concepts of health have been continuously enhanced, such as the health and safety of drinking water. As a result, whole house water filter systems have risen rapidly and become popular.


However, while the home water filter industry is developing rapidly, many consumers lack sufficient understanding of water filter products. Even some consumers who are already using home water purifier products will inevitably have many questions.

1.Why you should filter your tap water?

This is a question that many people will ask and is easily overlooked. The tap water in the city meets the national drinking water standards when it leaves the running water company. However, during the transportation process, it may be “secondarily polluted” due to aging pipelines and delayed cleaning of the water tank in the community. Therefore, the tap water released by the water valve at home , The impurities contained in it are usually beyond everyone’s imagination. Therefore, the use of whole house water filters can better ensure the safety and health of our drinking water.

2.How does a whole house water filter purify water?

Home water filters mainly remove impurities and contaminants through physical filtration, and its biggest performance is to remove harmful microorganisms and various impurities that may exist in tap water through multiple filtration methods.

When a home water filter is installed and used in your home, tap water will flow through multiple filter cartridges such as PP cotton cartridge , granular activated carbon cartridge, sintered activated carbon cartridge, ultrafiltration membrane or reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane), which will be filtered out Impurities from large to small in water to achieve the effect of high performance water purification.

3.Can home water purifiers filter out all impurities in water?

There are currently two mainstream home use water filters on the market, reverse osmosis water purifiers and ultrafiltration water purifiers. The filtration accuracy of reverse osmosis water purifiers can reach 0.0001 microns, which produces pure water that can be directly drunk in the usual sense; while the ultrafiltration water purifiers have relatively low filtration accuracy, but there are also 0.01 microns-0.1 microns, which can removes most impurities from water.

4.Does the water filter produce "waste water" when purifying water?

Reverse osmosis water filters with high filtering accuracy will produce “waste water” due to the need to pressurize the RO membrane. However, it should be noted that although it is called “waste water”, it has been filtered by PP cotton, activated carbon, etc. Its water quality is also “cleaner” than tap water that is directly released, and it can be collected for other uses, such as flushing toilets and mopping the floor, so that it will not be wasted.

5.Which is the best choice for ultrafiltration water purifier and reverse osmosis water purifier?

Reverse osmosis water filter has higher filtering accuracy, can remove almost all impurities in tap water, and the filtered water can be directly consumed. If equipped with a pipeline machine, it will be more convenient and safer.

Ultrafiltration water purifiers cannot filter out small molecule organics and heavy metals, but it will not produce “waste water” and can be used for domestic water. It is best to drink the filtered water after heating it.

Therefore, we suggest that when you choose a whole house water filtration system, it is best to decide according to your own needs. Of course, whether it is an ultrafiltration machine or a reverse osmosis machine, the applicable water source is generally municipal tap water,that is,the role of the home water filter is to purify the tap water again.

6.Will drinking pure water for a long time not be good for our health?

Some people say that drinking purified water for a long time will lead to a lack of beneficial minerals in the human body, which is not good for human health. In our opinion, this statement lacks sufficient scientific basis.Because compared with any kind of food, the mineral intake by the human body through drinking water is very little. When you eat an apple, the mineral intake is equivalent to drinking thousands of bottles of mineral water.

Moreover, water in the human body mainly helps the body to transport nutrients and help the body perform effective metabolism, so pure water without impurities has a greater beneficial effect on human health. For us, clean and safe water is the most important issue.