3 Steps To Choose The Best Water Filter Properly For 2023

When we were young, we always felt that water and air were free. It was a gift from nature to us. However, when we grow up, the air quality becomes worse and worse, water pollution emerges endlessly, and people start to have higher and higher requirements for drinking water safety and more and more misunderstandings.


1.Can tap water be drunk directly?

The faucet that has not been opened for a long time, as soon as it is unscrewed, red and black impurities flow out. These impurities include rust, mud, even green algae, red insects.

Why is the water that meets the standards purified by the tap water company so dirty? Because tap water is susceptible to secondary pollution during transportation. For example, the aging of transportation pipes and water storage tanks will produce metal rusts, cause water to change color and taste, and microorganisms to reproduce again, resulting in water pollution again. Do you dare to drink such water directly?

2.Can I drink the clear water after boiling it?

We often think that clear water is safe, but in fact, in addition to visible impurities in the water, there are invisible pollutants.

Boiled water does not ensure safety. The boiled water can indeed kill pathogenic bacteria quickly, but it cannot solve the problem of harmful substances such as algae and compounds.Boiled water does not ensure safety. The boiled water can indeed kill pathogenic bacteria quickly, but it cannot solve the problem of harmful substances such as algae and compounds.

3.Is barreled pure water safe?

The large-capacity barrel water that we usually buy often takes more than a week or even longer to drink. The unopened barrel water is not consumed for a short time. If it is stored improperly, it will easily breed bacteria and pose safety risks to human health.

What should we do to drink water safely?

HUATAN FILTRATION has found the answer and shared you 3 ways to choose the best quality water filter.

1.Multiple water purification technologies to promote healthy drinking water

The water purifier can effectively and efficiently filter drinking water without these technologies: UV technology, RO reverse osmosis technology, ultrafiltration technology. UV technology is a kind of physical sterilization, which is fast and effective.

RO reverse osmosis technology has a strong filtering performance, it will filter out other substances in the water, including pollutants and trace elements and minerals that are beneficial to human health.

Ultrafiltration technology is more subtle in filtering. It can filter pollutants while retaining trace elements and minerals that are beneficial to the human body.

2.The third party quality certification with more quality assurance

The quality assurance of water purifiers with third-party quality certification is more convincing.

The quality of a high-quality water purifier must first meet the estimated drinking water safety standards and even meet the requirements of international drinking water standards, such as the European Union drinking water standards.

If the filtering effect can be strictly certified by a third-party professional organization, the quality of the product will be more guaranteed. Such as the NSF National Health Foundation and WQA American Water Quality Association’s double certification.

3.Humanized design water filter

Some water filters are designed to have a strong filtration effect, but it is very inconvenient to use.

In addition to the filtering effect of a good water purifier, the user-friendly design during use is also very important.

The human-designed water purifier can save space during installation and can adapt to more installation environments. And the filter element is easy to replace, it can be as simple as changing a light bulb, and everyone can operate and replace it, which is very intimate.

Water purifiers are always good, and if you don’t take them home, they won’t realize their value. In order to let you and your family drink healthy and good water, don’t hurry to pick a high-quality water purifier to go home?