Informations About Activated Carbon Filters You Need To Know

In the water treatment industry, words like sintered activated carbon cartridge, compressed activated carbon filter, extruded activated carbon cartridge, CTO carbon cartridge, and honeycomb carbon filter are often mentioned or used. Still, many people do not really understand them. HUATAN FILTRATION will introduce you to the difference between these products today.

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Sintered activated carbon filter, compressed activated carbon filter, and extruded activated carbon filter are named after their production process characteristics, and CTO carbon filter and net carbon filter are named after the appearance of their final shape. Although their appearance is the same, their internal quality and production technology are greatly different.

Sintered activated carbon block is made by mixing activated carbon powder material and polymer hot-melt pore material, and then pouring it into a special mold and sintering at a high temperature of 200-300 ° C. Because this polymer bonding material can form open micropores in the sintering process, it maintains the characteristics of the large specific surface area of activated carbon powder, excellent pore formation, better filtering effect, and more fully with liquid contact after mixing with activated carbon; Due to its complex processing technology, the production capacity of a sintered activated carbon filter is also limited.

The compressed activated carbon filter is made by mixing activated carbon powder material with an inorganic liquid binder, filling it into a special mold, compressing and molding it with a press at high pressure, and drying it after exiting the mold; This process has a high content of activated carbon and good filtering effect. However, it is only adhered to by using inorganic materials and then high-pressure molding without being sintered at high temperatures during production. This makes it difficult to control the pore diameter of the compressed activated carbon filter and the filter cartridge pressure drop becomes large, which affects the performance of the filter cartridge.

The extruded activated carbon filter is produced by mixing activated carbon and common hot-melt resin and putting it into a screw extruder for heating and extrusion molding. In this production process, the appearance of the activated carbon is melted and wrapped by the hot-melt resin after high temperature. The hot-melt resin blocks the pores of the activated carbon, causing the entire filter cartridge to lose its adsorption effect. The production cost of extruded activated carbon block produced by this process is low, but its output is very high. This filter cartridge is just a decoration during use without any filtering or adsorption effect.

CTO carbon filter is the abbreviation of chloride, taste, and odor. Net carbon block filter extruded activated carbon filter, sintered activated carbon filter, and compressed activated carbon filter, in a broad sense, are rod-shaped forms of activated carbon block, which can be collectively referred to as shaped activated carbon cartridges.

At present, the use of shaped activated carbon filter cartridges in the water treatment industry is becoming more and more critical.

The main reasons are: Firstly, the formed activated carbon filter integrates the functions of adsorption and interception. It not only has the adsorption of activated carbon but also has dense voids, which can effectively intercept large particles of impurities and effectively reduce the physical pollution of water quality;

Secondly, the pore size of the shaped activated carbon filter cartridge can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the smallest pore size can reach 0.2 micrometers, which is better than the so-called large-flux hollow ultrafiltration membranes on the market.

Thirdly, The black water that flows out of the shaped activated carbon during water treatment is less than the granular activated carbon. After the black powder in the carbon block is washed out for the first time, the black water will not appear in the future, and it will not be caused by the flushing of the water like the granular activated carbon. It will not cause decontamination and secondary pollution when washed by a water stream like granular activated carbon.

Finally, the activated carbon powder below 80 mesh has a large specific surface area after processing, so that the performance of activated carbon can be fully exerted.

The sintered activated carbon block is a shaped activated carbon with the above functions. Because many people confuse sintered activated carbon block with extruded activated carbon block, many active carbon block manufacturers have given their sintered activated carbon block products a unique name in order to avoid confusion. For example, HUATAN FILTER called sintered activated carbon as a diamond carbon block. The 3M company called this activated carbon filter a black magic activated carbon filter.

Due to its special molding process, sintered activated carbon block technology can be developed into a compound filter cartridge with activated carbon as the main body mixed with a variety of ultra-fine filter powders.

Because the shape of the sintered activated carbon filter is very similar to the shape of the low-end extruded activated carbon filter, we share 2 main methods of identification for you. The first is the hydrophilicity test. The sintered activated carbon block has good hydrophilicity, so you can try to drop a drop of water on the filter cartridge, and the water droplets can immediately penetrate into the carbon filter. The second method is that the water flowing out of the sintered activated carbon filter cartridge when it is first passed is hot, and this phenomenon does not occur when the activated carbon water filter is squeezed.

Sintered activated carbon filter has a relatively low production capacity due to the special sintering process, and it requires a large investment in mold costs and high-quality materials. Its product cost is higher than ordinary carbon filter cartridges, but it has superior product performance. Experienced companies in the water treatment industry understand the benefits of this high-end product. With the constant standardization of the water treatment industry, the inferior carbon filter materials that have been in the market for price competition must be abandoned, and the sintered activated carbon filter cartridge will become an essential accessory for the water purification industry.