3 Factors That Shape The Activated Carbon Block Filter Market Trends

As a multifunctional and highly effective adsorbent, activated carbon block filters have played a key role in many applications, especially in the fields of environmental protection and purification. It also has many other important uses, such as its ability to filter contaminated drinking water and help purify the air.

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With the increasingly perfect environmental protection regulations and the concept of sustainable development gradually being widely accepted by the international community, activated carbon block filter is a valuable component that will continue to receive more attention.

In fact, a recent research report issued by an international authority estimates that by 2022, the global activated carbon industry market is expected to reach US $ 6.2 billion.

Application fields of activated carbon blocks Filters

Activated carbon block filters are mainly made by the extraction and processing of coal, wood, and coconut husk. It has a unique porous physical structure that can adsorb and filter many fine impurities, making it one of the most widely used adsorbents on the market. It can be used in decaffeination, air purifiers (including industrial and consumer applications), water purification (including industrial and consumer applications), soil remediation, pharmaceutical product production, food and beverage production, gold recycling, and metal surface treatment.

Market demand drives development of activated carbon block industry

With so many application areas above, it is not difficult to imagine that the global market demand for activated carbon blocks will always continue to rise. But what is driving this dramatic increase in demand? Recent reports from the global activated carbon block market provide some insights. According to reports, the driving factors for the rapid growth of the activated carbon block market include:

1. Increased demand for drinking water safety

The rapid development of global industrialization has also brought a certain degree of industrial pollution to cities. The wastewater of some factories is discharged directly into the external river without scientific treatment. This directly caused water pollution. As people’s awareness of drinking water safety continues to increase, the government has also begun to increase investment in water purification equipment on infrastructure. As one of the most critical components in water purification equipment, activated carbon blocks play their role with excellent filtering and purification performance.

2. Recovery of the automotive industry

Global industry analysts predict that the recovery of the automotive industry will also drive demand for activated carbon blocks. Activated carbon canisters are used in vehicles to reduce hydrocarbon emissions and improve engine performance. As demand for more vehicles continues to rise, the use of activated carbon blocks will gradually increase.

3. Improvement of environmental protection policies

The continuous improvement of environmental protection regulations indicates that people need to increase the use of environmental protection equipment while building cities and developing industries. As one of the essential materials for many environmental protection equipment, activated carbon block is widely used in many fields such as energy purification and water cleaning.

In addition, the global industrial analysis report predicts that more and more countries require that disinfectants used for tap water cleaning and disinfection must strictly control the concentration of drinking water chemicals. This may also be driven by some benign growth in demand for activated carbon.

As the global environmental recovery and protection consciousness continues to increase, many factors have jointly driven the demand for this versatile filter material. The development of the activated carbon block industry will continue to usher in more new growth points.