5 Considerations After Bulk Buying Activated Carbon Block Filter

With the improvement of our living standards, people are paying more and more attention to the health and safety of drinking water. The water purification industry has developed rapidly with a potential 100 billion market scale and many well-known water filter manufacturers in China.


As water purifier companies pay more attention to filtration efficiency, the products are developed towards intensification and miniaturization, which also puts forward higher requirements for the development of adsorption filter materials. Under this background, the water purification and filtration technology of activated carbon blocks cartridge has made great progress in recent years. Today we will share with you some considerations during the production, transportation and storage of activated carbon filter cartridges.

1.Transportation and loading

During transportation, activated carbon filter cartridges must not be dragged with iron hooks. It should be prevented from being mixed with hard materials. It must not be strongly vibrated, rubbed, stepped on, or smashed. It is strictly prohibited to be thrown.Storage


Activated carbon block cartridges should be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent the inner and outer packaging bags from breaking, to prevent moisture and to adsorb other substances in the air, which will affect the use effect. It is strictly forbidden to mix with toxic and harmful gases or volatile substances and store away from pollution sources.

3.Prohibition of water reach

Activated carbon filter cartridge is a porous adsorption substance, so it must be absolutely protected from water during transportation, storage and use.Before the activated carbon filter cartridge is officially used, once it is soaked in water, the water will fill the pores of the activated carbon block, reducing the direct contact between the specific surface of the activated carbon and the gas, and affecting the use performance.

4.Tar-like substances Prevetion

During use, we should prohibit tar-like viscous substances from entering the activated carbon filter, so as not to block the pores of the activated carbon block filters or cover the surface of the activated carbon, causing the activated carbon block to fail to exert its original performance.

5.Fire prevention

When storing or transporting activated carbon block filter, it should be prevented from coming into direct contact with the fire source to prevent fire.