What Is The Function Of Post Activated Carbon Water Filter?

When we buy a water purifier, the sales will introduce to consumers that this water purifier has a five-stage filtration system that can purify water that is more pure than other water purifiers. What they call a five-stage filtration system includes pp cotton, granular activated carbon filter, activated carbon block filter, reverse osmosis filter membrane, and post activated carbon filter. Today, we will talk about the role of the post activated carbon filter in water filtration equipment.

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The use of post activated carbon filter cartridge is the last process in water purifier filtration. Its main role is to purify the water and improve the taste of the water. Generally speaking, the raw material used in the post activated carbon is mainly coconut shell activated carbon. This type of coconut shell activated carbon is mainly made from fine coconut shells and processed through a series of precision processing.The appearance we can see is black and granular. Compared with activated carbon made from other materials, coconut shell activated carbon has the characteristics of stronger adsorption capacity, longer service life and more wear resistance. The  post activated carbon filter system in the water purifier can play a role in deep purification of water, adjust the taste of purified water, and inhibit the regeneration of bacteria in purified water.

When the tap water which is filtered by the front four-stage filter cartridge in the water purifier finally passes the post activated carbon filter cartridge,the pigment and odor in the water would be absorbed more completely.When using a water purifier with a five-stage filter cartridge system, we must pay attention to the usual maintenance and replacement of the filter cartridge. The recommended service life of the post activated carbon is 18 months, so we must pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the filter cartridge.When cleaning the filter cartridge, we must use the correct cleaning method and cleaning agent, otherwise, it will inevitably cause adverse effects on the purified water equipment itself. However, if you want more pure drinking water, it is best to replace the filter element in time.

When we are looking for or buying a water purifier, we always hear or see “activated carbon”. Whether it is an ultrafiltration water purifier, a reverse osmosis water purifier, or a nanofiltration water purifier, the key technologies in these devices may change, but what will never change is the use of activated carbon filter cartridges.This shows how important the activated carbon filter cartridge is in the water purifier.

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