Best Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridge Buying Guide

At present, the use of activated carbon block water filters in the water treatment industry is receiving more and more attention. The main reasons are:

20 inch jumbo big blue anti-scale inhibitor activated carbon water filter (4)

First, the activated carbon block filter cartridge not only has the high adsorption performance of activated carbon but also has dense voids which can effectively intercept the impurities of large particles and effectively reduce the physical pollution of water quality.

Second, the pore size of the activated carbon water purifier can be customized and adjusted to a minimum of 0.2 microns, which is better than those of the large-volume hollow ultrafiltration membrane on the market.

Third, the black water flowing out of the activated carbon cartridge is less than the granular activated carbon, and will not desorb due to the scouring of the water flow as the granular activated carbon, and form a secondary pollution to the water quality.

Finally, activated carbon water filter is processed from activated carbon powder of less than 80 mesh, and has a very large specific surface area, which can fully exert the performance of activated carbon.

We know that activated carbon filters can be divided into sintered activated carbon filters, compressed activated carbon filters, and extruded activated carbon filters from the different manufacturing processes, In terms of product performance, sintered activated carbon block should be the best of the three carbon block water filters. Since everyone confuses easily sintered activated carbon with extruded activated carbon, many Chinese activated carbon filter manufacturers call it a BLACK MAGIC activated carbon filter to avoid confusion.



The production of sintered activated carbon cartridges requires manufacturers of water filters to have a special molding process. By mixing activated carbon with a variety of different ultrafine filter powders, sintered activated carbon filters can be developed into compound water filter cartridges with different properties. Their varieties include: special filter cartridges that can absorb pigments, remove odors and organic substances, and soften water; special metal removal filter cartridges that can remove heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, manganese, and arsenic in water;and fluorine removal filters for high-fluorine water areas. mineralized filter element for the addition of trace elements and minerals to well water and soft water; bacteriostatic filter element for inhibiting bacterial growth and adding bacteriostatic materials.

These compound carbon filters are custom made to the customer’s needs and formulations. HUATAN FITRATION is one of the industry experts in the production of these high-performance activated carbon block water purifiers, which can provide customized services and OEM services for one-stop activated carbon block production for customers all over the world. If you have any questions or concerns regarding activated carbon filter cartridge, please feel free to contact us at