The Best Carbon Filter Cartridges For Household & Industrial Water Treatment

In our daily lives, our household water is water after purification and water treatment by the running-water company. Water supply companies often use sintered activated carbon block filters to purify tap water, which guarantees the purity of the tap water used in our daily lives. In theory, the sintered activated carbon block filter can play the role of water treatment mainly because it has a more efficient pore structure than other types of activated carbon block, and the porous structure inside the activated carbon determines the filtration performance of carbon block. When the water flows through the activated carbon block, the irregularly arranged pore inner structure of the activated carbon can not only increase the resistance of the water flow, but also leave a certain volume, which can adsorb contaminants and impurity particles in the water.


Sintered activated carbon block filter cartridge is known as the best carbon filter for domestic water and industrial water treatment. Although the sintered activated carbon block is similar in internal structure to other types of activated carbon, it is most widely used in various water filtration industries because it has a better effect of purifying water quality. In the process of water treatment, the larger the surface area of the particles provided by activated carbon block, that is, the more the number of void structures inside the activated carbon, the more powerful the adsorption capacity of the activated carbon rod filter for the suspension and impurities in the water .

We all know that in the process of industrial production, a large amount of water resources will inevitably be used, but some chemical or manufacturing factories may use various chemical reagents and pigments in their production process. Therefore, most industrial wastewater discharged from factories contains a large amount of pollutants. If these industrial wastewaters that have not been purified by activated carbon filters are directly discharged into the environment, it may not only damage the local ecological balance, but also pollute the groundwater, thus affecting the health problems of nearby residents.


Here we would like to sincerely appeal to everyone to protect our green environment and our water resources. At the same time, we also hope that everyone can drink safe and reliable water. HUATAN FILTRATION, as a professional activated carbon block filters manufacturer in China, no matter where you are from, what kind of water purification problems you have, we are willing to do our best to help you.