Functions Of Activated Carbon Water Filter Cartridges

Activated carbon is a black powder or block, granular, honeycomb amorphous carbon or a well-arranged crystalline carbon.

Activated carbon blcok is a very good adsorbent material which uses charcoal, bamboo charcoal, various shells and high-quality coal as raw materials,and is processed by a series of  by physical and chemical methods such as crushing, sieving, catalyst activation, rinsing, drying and screening.It has the dual characteristics of physical adsorption and chemical adsorption, and can selectively adsorb harmful substances in tap water to achieve decolorization, odor removal and filtration of chemical pollution and volatile organic substances.

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What is the role of activated carbon block Cartridge in the field of water filtration?

Activated carbon block cartridge is widely used in industrial production and family life especially in the field of water purification due to its strong adsorption performance.In the case of drinking water applications, once the drinking water is contaminated, it is easy to produce odor.First of all, it will make people feel very uncomfortable in the senses, and secondly it may also cause harm to human health.One of the important performance of activated carbon block is that it can adsorb and filter the pigments and odors in the water, such as the rust smell produced by rust in the water, the yellow rust water color, the odor generated by the sulfide water, the earthy smell produced by the muddy water, and the mold and smashing smell produced by the animal and plant corpses.

Activated carbon cartridge has a well-developed pore structure and a large specific surface area. It has good adsorption capacity for inorganic or organic substances and colloidal particles in gases and solutions. The working principle of the activated carbon filter is to use the porous solid surface to adsorb and remove organic or toxic substances in the water to achieve the effect of purifying water.

The adsorption of organic matter by activated carbon cartridge is affected by its pore size distribution and organic matter characteristics, which is mainly affected by the polarity and molecular size of organic matter. For organic matter of the same size, the greater the solubility and the stronger the hydrophilicity, the worse the adsorption of activated carbon on it. Conversely, it has strong adsorption capacity for organic substances such as benzene compounds with low solubility, poor hydrophilicity and weak polarity. 

What are the classifications of activated carbon filter cartridges for water purifiers?

1.UDF granular activated carbon filter Cartridge

 It can effectively remove odor in water, such as chlorine (bleaching powder), improve the taste of water, and effectively avoid the production of carcinogens such as chlorine and chloroform.

2.CTO activated carbon filter Cartridge

It can deeply absorb harmful substances such as color, odor and residual chlorine in water and use micropores of charcoal activated carbon to retain fine particles and colloidal suspension.

3.Post-activated activated carbon block Cartridge

It can effectively remove the odor of water, inhibit the growth of bacteria, improve the taste of pure water, and increase the energy of water.

In summary, the activated carbon filter cartridge has an excellent effect on water purification. It not only removes the odor and odor, but also improves the purity of the water, and has a high removal rate for various impurities in the water,such as chlorine, phenol, cyanide, pesticides and other harmful substances.Therefore, activated carbon blcoks can be widely used in various types of large, medium and small water purification equipment.

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